One of the reasons we call ourselves “Small Giants” is that we use the same technology and utilize in-house expertise that larger firms have.

Our E3 Technology Suite ensures more accurate pricing, helps identify design interferences and ultimately helps us deliver a client’s vision successfully.

Leveraging Technology Throughout the Build Process

Planning & Preconstruction

3D Virtual Building Coordination and Visualization

As a part of our E3 Technology Suite, we collaborate with the design team to help transform two dimensional drawings into a 3D Virtual Building Tour. This interactive step allows the team to physically gain perspective of the space and allows the client to walk the space way before dirt moves.


Building System Coordination

During construction it is critical that conflicts and decisions can be made quickly and accurately to keep the sequence and flow of the project on track. By utilizing the Building Information Models created during the preconstruction phase, teams onsite have access to three dimensional views allowing them to solve problems without having to solely rely on two dimensional construction plans.

Post Construction

3D Virtual Building Guide & Digital Delivery Packet

We provide a 3D Virtual Building Guide at the close of a project. The guide is an interactive digital tour of your building that allows quick access with a click of a mouse.