Path to Build™ – A Simplified Construction Process

30 years in business has taught us that most of our clients are not familiar with the complexities of the construction process, changes in code requirements, variability in construction materials and timelines, and advancements in technologies. Path to Build™ allows us to:

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Provide you with the guidance you deserve

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Establish a clear path by understanding your goals

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Remove uncertainty along the way

Why Path to Build™?

Our process has proven to reduce overall project costs, schedule, and conflict by pulling the planning process forward.


Accuracy Matters

We develop project budgets that provide less than a 5% cost variance from original budget to final construction costs, avoiding surprises later in the process.

Execution Matters

Thoughtful planning results in 15% faster project delivery.

Reputation Matters

9 out of ten subcontractors prefer to work with us, giving you access to the most qualified and competitive trades in the region.

Alignment Matters

VR technology allows you to walk your space before construction begins to ensure the design aligns with your expectation before we spend a dollar in construction.


Simplicity Matters

Our interactive user manuals and user training allow you to operate your new facility with ease and confidence.

Brand Matters

Our marketing of your project and brand through events, social media, and engaging photos/videos will drive excitement and community engagement.

We build commercial construction projects in the following industries:

  • Financial
  • Office
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Faith-based
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Ready to change your physical environment?

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