Associates in Family Medicine

Windsor, CO


Windsor, CO

Project Size

14,200 SQ. FT.

Project Timeline

9 months

Year Completed


Elder Construction’s mission is to disrupt the construction industry by delivering excellent client experiences. With this vision in mind, and a partnership with VFLA Architects, we helped Associates in Family Medicine (AFM) fulfill their desire to better serve the growing Windsor community. The two-story, 14,200 square foot building includes an urgent care on the main level and AFM’s primary care services on the second floor. This beautiful new facility allows them to provide exceptional patient care for decades to come and supports Elder’s vision of ‘building purpose into people so that together we are inspired to leave this world better than we found it’.

“AFM was introduced to Elder in the beginning stages of the biggest project we have ever undertaken. We tend to be very particular in medicine, so I thought Elder would be in for a tough ride. I was gladly mistaken. The great folks at Elder handled our very detailed review with patience and professionalism… Elder has not only been great to work with, but truly a pleasure to get acquainted with.” – Gavin Kaszynski, Chief Financial Officer