Building Strategically with a Trusted Partner

When you break ground, you’re not just building a structure. You’re laying the foundation for your ongoing success and with Elder Construction’s E3 Technology, we’re changing the way construction projects are done in Colorado. 


Strategies Customized to Your Unique Project 

We like to think of ourselves as small giants in the commercial construction industry. By bringing a team of highly experienced commercial construction professionals with an individual focus to your project, we deliver the capabilities of the large firms, with the personal feel of a small business. 

We are outside-the-box thinkers who excel by developing strategies that are unique and custom to your project. We are first and foremost about you, our client, your goals and the success of the project.

Value-Based Solutions Leveraging Our E3 Suite of Technologies

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We believe project success begins with an environment where the team can come together to discuss, review and identify project goals. Our adoption of technology throughout the construction process has allowed us to complete projects with more accuracy, more efficiency, and better overall client engagement.

Creating value is a cornerstone of how we approach each conversation and stage of the commercial construction process. We are always looking for ways to exceed your expectations and deliver more value for your money.

A Lifelong Partnership

We are a family business in the traditional sense, however, in our mind, it goes well beyond the father/son construction company. We believe in fostering a culture that creates a sense of family in every relationship we develop from our clients, to our team, to the specialty trades that work onsite each day in Colorado. 

Planning & Preconstruction

3D Virtual Building Coordination and Visualization

Begin with the end in mind. Each successful project begins by understanding the project objectives and identifying a strategy for execution. Planning well in advance of boots hitting the ground is critical to ensure the project starts well and finishes strong. Our team always begins with the end in mind and creates a detailed plan for every project from the simple to the complex.

Our planning and pre construction phase consists of a disciplined and systematic method of optimizing every aspect of construction, from cost, schedule and quality, to safety and site logistics. Between our estimators, project managers, and superintendents we identify each project’s unique challenges and solve them in advance, using a combination of technology and old-fashioned construction knowhow.

As a part of our E3 Technology Suite, we collaborate with the design team to help transform two dimensional drawings into a 3D Virtual Building Tour. This interactive step allows the team to physically gain perspective of the space, accelerating the decision making process while simultaneously aligning expectations.
Sometimes, it’s figuring out the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Other times, it’s inventing a way to build something that has never been done. No matter the size or complexity of the job, our team rolls up their sleeves and embraces the challenge.

This collaborative and communication-focused approach allow the team to complete projects faster, more cost effectively, and with optimized project quality. Change orders and disputes are rare, since coordination of project elements are complete well in advance.

  • Faster Delivery — collaborative project management = faster completion with fewer problems.

  • Better Budget Control – Accurate construction cost estimates are maintained during design and throughout construction.

  • Positive Team Relationship – Owner, designer and contractor are a team from day one. This collaborative environment enhances communication, reduces project costs and helps maintain project intent.

  • Constructability Reviews – Contractor reviews the design and identifies construction concerns or design questions.

  • Qualified Subcontractors – Contractor prequalifies subcontractors based on historical performance, craftsmanship, financial stability, price and overall accountability.

  • Pooled Risk — the team assumes additional risk.


Building System Coordination and As-Built Record Keeping
During construction it is critical that conflicts and decisions can be made quickly and accurately to keep the sequence and flow of the project on track.  By utilizing the Building Information Models created during the preconstruction phase, teams onsite have access to three dimensional views allowing them to solve problems without having to solely rely on two dimensional construction plans.

Post Construction

3D Virtual Building Guide & Digital Delivery Packet
We recognize that an investment in a commercial project is large and that’s why we continue to provide support long after the project is completed.

We stand behind our brand and the partnership we have built along the way and that is why we offer a Two-Year Warranty Program to all of our clients.

We also provide a 3D Virtual Building Guide to every client at the close of a project. We want you to be as familiar with your new building as we are and rather than provide you with a printed manual detailing every aspect of your building, we take the time to document and create a virtual tour of your building with an interactive component that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for with just the click of a mouse.

At the close of a project, every client is sent a link to a password protected webpage that houses all of the details of your project, including:
  • Your 3D Virtual Building Guide

  • 2-Year Warranty Claim Form

  • Support Line