Eric Kendall

Eric Kendall

Project Executive

Eric is Elder Construction’s Project Executive in Northern Colorado and is responsible for providing overall leadership and direction for the operations team in the Windsor office. Eric strives to lead the team in a collaborative effort that optimizes the client’s value, providing key information and strategies early to help make informed and timely decisions to manage cost and schedule.

“Your integrity can only be lost if you decide to give it away. It is the only thing in life you have full control over.”

Background & Experience

Eric’s passion for the construction industry has propelled his career from Superintendent to Project Executive. Understanding the role of Superintendent, Eric has the expertise to work closely with our superintendents to maintain the highest levels of quality assurance, quality control, and safety on our project sites. He enjoys the problem-solving side of construction and provides value with his ability to think outside the box, creating innovative solutions for the client. Seeing the fruits of his labor is what drives Eric’s passion in construction.


BS Construction Management, Colorado State University