Dana Spanjer

Dana Spanjer

Accounting & Finance Director

Dana is Elder Construction’s Accounting & Finance Director. Her responsibilities include supervision of the monthly close-out process, collection of accounts receivable, supervising accounts payable, payroll and monthly reporting for the owner group and leadership team. Dana assists the CEO/CFO with the monthly preparation of financial forecasts, the annual preparation of a budget, and all treasury administration. She is also a part of a team that creates and implements policies and procedures to identify, resolve, and document accounting issues, as well as creating procedures to make the close and reporting processes more efficient and accurate.

“You are what you do, not what you say you will do.”

C.G. Jung

Background & Experience

Dana is an optimizer—driven to achieve operational efficiencies. She has a strong ability to identify issues, anticipate, and solve problems creatively while maintaining high-quality outcomes and experiences. These characteristics lead her to find investigation, gathering data and synthesis to be very rewarding. While she excels at research and analysis, she also thinks creatively, offering alternative approaches, imaginative solutions, and a fresh perspectives. By nature Dana is curious, observant, loves learning new things and becoming competent at whatever she does.


Environmental Geology Graduate with honors, University of Montana