Building Community at Lofts at Timberline

The Lofts at Timberline is an exciting, innovative, commercial community. Ingenuity and chic design meet, offering exclusive and fresh commercial space with modern architecture. Lofts at Timberline has a new, modern space for you and your business with 19 commercial units ranging from 2,300-2,500 sq. ft. to 1,400 sq. ft. For more information, contact Tom Livingston at

One of the first tenants at the Lofts is Outrun Parkour. Like nothing you have seen before, Outrun Parkour’s programs are made for the youthful minded to overcome challenges and unlock abilities. Because our world is evolving, so too must our abilities. Outrunners are trained to overcome and adapt to the obstacles of modern movement in an encouraging environment. For more information about Outrun Parkour visit their website at

If you have questions on Elder Constructions process or want more information on how to get started working with us, please contact us!