Employee Spotlight: Bob Rogers, Director of Business Development & Preconstruction

Bob Rogers joined Elder Construction in May, 2019.  He brings over 41 years of experience across all facets of the construction industry from estimation to operations and has successfully completed many multi-million dollar projects from Hawaii to Colorado. His construction experience even includes projects as far away as Puerto Rico, Dominica West Indies, Diego Garcia, and Guam, while serving in the United States Navy Amphibious Construction Battalion & Mobile Construction Battalion.

‘Born with a hammer in his hand,’ Bob’s roots in construction go back to his childhood.  Living in a small town and in a house full of 11 kids, he learned the value of hard work and that if given the opportunity, he could accomplish anything he set his mind to.  His father played a pivotal role in the establishment of Bob’s career today by teaching him how to work with his hands.  “When the car would break down, I learned how to rebuild a motor. We didn’t have a welder, so my father built a welder.  I worked with him wiring barns for local farmers in exchange for fresh milk, chickens & beef. I learned how to use what was available to accomplish a task,” says Bob. “The last project I worked on with Dad was building our house. Other than grading the land, we did everything from foundations, plumbing, electrical to building our own trusses.”

This strong foundation still influences Bob’s career today.  When asked what makes him passionate about his job he answered, “I enjoy working with positive people who are problem solvers and are committed to the task at hand. I enjoy coming alongside others that need the talents God gave me. We have each been given a level of talent and are the most at peace when we use those talents to serve others. Working in construction has provided that for me.”

When asked to choose his favorite of Elder’s Core Values, Bob said “G.R.I.T. – Have the Guts to move forward and deal with whatever comes my way, the Resolve to find a solution and provide a course of action, the Integrity to be fair, honest and sincere in life and business, and Toughness to commit to something even when there is a price to pay.”