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Favorite TV Show from the Past: The Sopranos

Favorite Animal: The wonderful, magical animal called the pig

Superpower I’d Like to have: Time Travel

Matt Melssen

Senior Estimator, LEED AP

“Your next step is simple. You are the first domino.” – Gary Keller

Matt Melssen is Elder Construction’s Senior Estimator/Preconstruction Manager. Matt thrives on collaborating with the project teams to ensure accurate project budgets by proactively providing solutions through constructability reviews, development of specific systems analyses and creation of Value Engineering and Alternates lists/logs. Matt helps lead the team to value-based decisions that provide for a financially responsible and sound project.

Matt feels that construction has always been in his blood. His first job was at 7 years old, being gopher for his parent’s custom home company: Matt, “go-for” nails”, Matt, “go-for” a shovel. That passion his parents instilled in him drives Matt today. In his free time, Matt enjoys backyard BBQs with his family and friends and visiting Lake Powell in the fall.

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