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About Kevin

Superpower I'd like: To Fly

Farthest place I've traveled: South Korea

I've Never Been Able to: Dunk a basketball

Kevin Keen

Project Executive, LEED AP

“Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

Kevin is Northern Colorado’s Project Executive. As Project Executive, Kevin is responsible for providing overall leadership and direction for the Project Managers in the Northern Colorado Office.  Kevin strives to lead the team in a collaborative effort which optimizes the client’s value, providing key information and strategies early to help make informed and timely decisions to lower costs and drive sensitive construction schedules.

Kevin enjoys the problem-solving side of construction. The ability to think outside the box and create innovative solutions for the client drives Kevin’s passion in the industry. In Kevin’s free time, he likes to enjoy the mountain air on his mountain bike and spend time with his kids. Kevin’s ideal vacation spot is anywhere warm and sunny with a place to swim.

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