About Jim

Ideal Vacation Spot: My mountain property in Westcliffe, CO

Why Did you Decide to Move into the Construction Field: Construction has always been my passion

My First Job: My first paying job was delivering news papers while running a lawn mowing business with my brothers at age 11

Jim Howard

General Superindendent

“Lead by example.”

Jim joined Elder Construction in 1997, bringing extensive experience in the construction industry, and continues as Elder Construction General Superintendent. Jim provides oversight, organization, and coordination of all of Elder Construction’s field personnel and activities. He ensures that construction is completed in accordance with design, budget, schedule and Elder’s superior quality. Jim assists all of Elder Construction superintendents in evaluating labor requirements, cost control and enforcing Elder Construction’s zero-injury safety program, as well as other company policies. Jim has gained a reputation within the Colorado Springs Building Department of being honest, trustworthy and professional.

Jim has lived in the Colorado Springs area for over 50 years and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. He is active in the community with volunteering events and community outreach programs. Jim is a member of the El Paso Country Contractors Association serving as both Vice President and President.

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