Norco Family Dental

Greeley, CO


Greeley, CO

Project Size

3,670 SQ. FT.

Project Timeline

5 Months

Year Completed


Elder Construction partnered with the design team to build this 3,670 square foot dental office. Norco Family Dental aimed to stand apart by making their customers feel comfortable when in the dentist’s chair, a goal which began with preconstruction and continued throughout construction. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington each had individual practices that were small and outdated. Plus, they wanted to combine their offices into a modern building to take advantage of new growth opportunities. Neither Doctor had any experience with construction and their concerns, like many first-time owners, emphasized staying on budget and schedule. Their building leases were expiring and it was imperative that the building be completed on time. Elder Construction delivered the building, completely finished, ahead of schedule and under budget allowing the doctors to move in without added stress.

“Elder Construction’s response time was awesome, and I really appreciated the availability of their team because they were always willing to do whatever we needed to help us feel taken care of. During construction they hit all the deadlines, and Dr. Buffington and I were able to move into our building exactly when we expected.” Dr. BJ Stewart, Norco Family Dental