The Elder Construction team consists of some of the most professional and driven individuals in the industry. We pride ourselves on being a young, aggressive and dynamic company, and that’s how we approach each and every task. We tailor fit the project manager and superintendent to the needs and requirements of each client. Working together, our team’s first priority is to delight clients by delivering exceptional service and value on every project. 

  • Tom Elder

    Tom Elder

    Founder/Board of Advisors

  • Christopher Elder

    Christopher Elder

    President and CFO

  • Austin Dodder

    Austin Dodder

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Patrick Elder

    Patrick Elder

    Vice President of Northern Colorado, LEED AP

  • Jeremy Hammers

    Jeremy Hammers

    Project Executive

  • Kevin Keen

    Kevin Keen

    Project Executive, LEED AP

  • Linda Sterrett

    Linda Sterrett


  • Mike Kosters

    Mike Kosters

    Vice President of Colorado Springs

  • Alex Shute

    Alex Shute


  • Annette Steigerwald

    Annette Steigerwald

    Accounts Payable

  • Becky Otoupalik

    Becky Otoupalik

    Marketing Assistant

    Office Administrator

  • Blake Smith

    Blake Smith

    Project Engineer

  • Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers

    Director of BD & Preconstruction

  • Bob Shonka

    Bob Shonka


  • Brad Rusk

    Brad Rusk


  • Chris Martin

    Chris Martin


  • Cole Miller

    Cole Miller

    Project Engineer

  • Dale Wellmon

    Dale Wellmon


  • Eric Kendall

    Eric Kendall


  • Eric Swab

    Eric Swab


  • Jaren Allred

    Jaren Allred

    Virtual Design/Construction Manager

  • Jeanna Whipple

    Jeanna Whipple

    Client Relationship Manager

  • Jim Howard

    Jim Howard

    General Superindendent

  • Julio Chavarria

    Julio Chavarria


  • Justin Robinson

    Justin Robinson

    Project Manager, LEED GA

  • Justin Sowell

    Justin Sowell


  • Laurie Garner

    Laurie Garner

    Human Resources/

    Accounts Receivable

  • Lisa Gardunio

    Lisa Gardunio

    Client Relationship Manager

  • Manny Brum

    Manny Brum

    Project Manager

  • Mark Lindt

    Mark Lindt


  • Mark West

    Mark West


  • Matt Melssen

    Matt Melssen

    Senior Estimator/Preconstruction Manager, LEED AP

  • Michelle Groscost

    Michelle Groscost

    Senior Estimator

  • Neil Waters

    Neil Waters


  • Nicholas Robinette

    Nicholas Robinette


  • Phil Seitz

    Phil Seitz

    Project Engineer

  • Rachel Starr

    Rachel Starr

    Project Manager

  • Robin Dettmann

    Robin Dettmann

    Accounting Clerk

  • Ryan Brunk

    Ryan Brunk

    Project Manager

  • Sam Ballard

    Sam Ballard


  • Santosh Prakash

    Santosh Prakash

    Senior Project Engineer

  • Sean Windsor

    Sean Windsor

    Project Manager

  • Stacie Gallagher

    Stacie Gallagher

    Project Assistant

  • Stephen Walker

    Stephen Walker

    Project Engineer

  • Steve Kenyon

    Steve Kenyon

    Project Manager

  • Tim Bland

    Tim Bland


  • Todd Williams

    Todd Williams


  • Willy Butler

    Willy Butler