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Elder Construction has completed a diverse mix of medical projects including specialty clinics, dental offices and animal hospitals. We understand the complexities within the healthcare industry, and with this knowledge and expertise have provided our clients with over 50 of the best healthcare facilities on the Front Range. Our teams work to seamlessly sequence construction activities around sensitive operations, schedules and budgets to deliver outstanding projects. 

Case Study  - Mountaintop Dermatology

Elder Construction completed the tenant finish for Mountaintop Dermatology in 2012, for Dr. Frank and Amy Samarin.  The project consisted of a 2,327 build-out of their new medical office in Colorado Springs.

December 30, 2012

Dear Mr. Tom Elder

Thank you for building us a beautiful space on the second floor of 2465 Research Parkway. Our patients have been highly complimentary and our staff seems very happy working in the warm, bright office.

We wanted to take a moment and recognize the work Scott Reed did as the foreman during the construction process.  Scott was consistently calm through the whole process, which then gave us a sense of confidence that the work would get done on time. He was always on-site and seemed to be two steps ahead of everyone else.

There were a number of occasions that Scott called us to check and double check on small details, such as whether we wanted the LVT floor laid in a north/west pattern or an east/west pattern. These were details that we imagined someone else would decide, but he found the value in getting our input on everything. Scott's unruffled demeanor, availability, and organization skills made him such a pleasure to work with. We never doubted the process. We never wondered if it was going to turn out ok. We never had anything bad to say during such an otherwise stressful time.

Thank you to Scott for making the construction process of Mountaintop Dermatology a smooth, pleasurable experience.


Frank & Amy Samarin