Elder Construction

Elder Construction’s Core Philosophy

Provide the best construction services at a reasonable cost.
We strive to bring together the construction industry’s most experienced, trusted, open and valued construction team in order to provide seamless, successful projects to our clients at reasonable cost.
Treat every client with respect and attention.
Our quest for integrity is reflected in our dedication to a high standard of customer service. We are committed to providing a full range of commercial construction services delivered on time and within budget. We strive to be aware of all aspects of a given task and be capable of managing the process efficiently and effectively. We are conservative in our use of company and client resources through well thought-out decision making. In the ever changing construction industry, we continually strive to refine our processes to find innovative ways to deliver meaningful projects.
Grow with and be an important part of the community.
In our relationships with people, in our innovations that provide real value, in our deep commitment that goes above and beyond expectations - we foster an environment where people are encouraged to live out the concepts of integrity; truth, honesty, professionalism. We share resources with fellow employees, charities and community organizations. We promote physical and mental well-being with a balance between work, family and recreation.
Our people.
We are about our people, our team.
We will realize our vision through our team members. We will recruit, develop, encourage, recognize, and retain people who share our commitment and mission.


Building Green and Sustainability

At Elder Construction, sustainability is not just a topic of discussion, but something we practice every day. Green building aligns with our values of providing clients with the best possible results for their projects and the environment.
Elder Construction actively participates in United States Green Building Council programs and has LEED Certified employees. Not every project can achieve LEED certification, but even small choices can make meaningful differences when lessening a building’s environmental footprint. We employ sustainable products and practices throughout the construction process on a scale that conforms to your green-building goals.
“You won’t find too many full sets of drawings around our office —we prefer the digital kind.”
Green & Sustainable Pre-Construction/Consulting Services
Green & Sustainable Construction
LEED Analysis